Born in 1968 in Paris, Chris Morin-Eitner studied architecture before embarking on his career as a photographer and short filmmaker. In 2015, his series Il était une fois demain [Once Upon A Time Tomorrow] was presented at the Fondation EDF for the Climats artificiels [Artificial Climates] exhibition. Making the cover of the April 2016 issue of Beaux-Arts Magazine, he was also invited by UNESCO to exhibit his images during the COP 21. Inspired by a journey to the ruins of Angkor, Chris Morin-Eitner shaped this particular aesthetic, in direct response to the contemporary issue of global warming. Through his series, he imagines a potential future with some of the emblematic structures of our time: “Conscious of the transitory and short-lived character of all human endeavours, I asked myself how all of the ‘super glass’ buildings of our age that vie for airspace might evolve in the future, as Angkor has.” The photographer has participated in numerous events throughout the world such as “Voilah!” in Singapore in 2017 and the French Festival in Kuala Lumpur in 2018.  ... See more See less