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Black and White

A black and white art photograph is remarkably poetic. It is timeless, highlights its subjects, emphasizes contrasts and lines, and enhances light for a sublime rendering. Check out YellowKorner’s black and white photographs, the nostalgia of the portrait and sublime landscapes. Pioneering but modern at the same time, black and white photographs are a safe bet that will always be chic. Bet on a timeless black and white photograph.
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Numbered limited editions

All of the photographs are provided with their certificate of authenticity in numbered limited editions.


Despite technological progress, black-and-white photography and black-and-white portrait in particular are still a contemporary mode of artistic expression – a safe bet that remains timeless and chic. Black-and-white photography is remarkably poetic, sublimating the subject while adding depth.
Devoid of colour, a black-and-white portrait orientates the spectator towards a more artistic vision of photography that enhances the body and the grain of the model’s skin. While colour photography remains faithful to the reality of an instant, black and white gives the spectators the possibility of making their own interpretation. This is what encouraged several big names in photography to develop this practice, such as Laurent Baheux, a specialist in black-and-white photographs of animals, or Ruslan Lobanov and Lee Jeffries, famous for their black-and-white portraits. A photograph in black and white is timeless; its monochrome aspect brings out contrasts by working on subtle shading, thus showcasing the subject of the photograph. Today, black-and-white photography and particularly black-and-white portraiture has become an indispensable element of interior decoration, as its timeless finish blends in perfectly with all kinds of interiors, whether they are modern or traditional. Discover several major themes of contemporary photography among our selection of black-and-white photographs, including landscape and wildlife photography.