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The artist

It’s important to follow your dreams. Such is the message from German photographer Nikolaus Gruenwald who gave up his legal career in favour of his passion for images. Starting out in photography at the age of 19 with an entry-level reflex, he soon developed a sense of observation while experimenting with various photographic techniques. After several years of experience, his eye now focuses on urban photography and travel. The work of Nikolaus Gruenwald is thus characterised by a heightened awareness of architecture and special focus on documentation. Living in Stuttgart, his projects have earned him international recognition, notably during exhibitions in Germany and the United States. He has regularly published his work in books and magazines the world over.  ... See more See less

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“ Je crois que l‘art est plus puissant s‘il est capable d‘apporter des émotions et des pensées. Ainsi, si vous êtes capable de créer cette émotion chez le spectateur, vous avez fait du bon travail. J‘utilise souvent l‘architecture pour transposer des scènes générales de notre société. L‘architecture en dit long sur les gens qui vivent à cet endroit.“


About the artwork

This image is taken from a series dedicated to the communal spaces that Nikolaus Gruenwald has roamed on his many travels. The German artist is passionate about the photographs that document his travels, and about complex urban architecture and atmospheres. Through the prism of his lens, he offers a range of locations, which he captures according to a precise point of view, combining poetry and rigour. Beyond a drive to document them for posterity, Nikolaus Gruenwald seems haunted by the desire to reveal the soul of the places he visits. Captured in 2011 in Hong Kong, this photograph paints the portrait of an Asian megalopolis in perpetual movement. Nicknamed the concrete jungle, Hong Kong is invaded by crowds, with a density of over 6 000 inhabitants/km2.

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07 March 2019

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Paris, New York, Tokyo...

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