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Dona velata

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From the Italian “veiled woman”, the Donna Velata is one of the most famous portraits by the painter Raphaël. It represents Margarita Luti, his mistress, with one hand on her chest to restrain her carnal desire. Countering the modesty depicted by the master of Italian Renaissance, Justine Coquidé decides to emancipate Margarita Luti. A few collages suffice to rewrite the history of the painting. Donna Velata now proudly exhibits her breasts and shimmering colours, in a creation in tribute to the female body.


The person depicted in the painting is Margarita Luti, the Roman mistress of its author, Raphael. In his artistic analysis, the pose with her hand on her breast expresses the character's intention to curb her carnal desire. Today, La Donna Velata proudly displays her breasts as a tribute to the female body.

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