anthony lamb

Closed For summer

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Dubai, Emirats Arabes Unis, Asie

 There’s something gratifying about being the only person on a city beach. The solitary environment allowed me to employ a minimalist approach, without the distraction of people. Captured in Dubai, this image was taken during the summer, when temperatures can reach an unbearable 40+ degrees centigrade.” In the modern world, the daily routine we have evolved to live in, demands social connectivity almost every minute of the day. It’s for this exact reason I became a photographer. These plastic sun-loungers offer people some respite from the chaos of modern life. Isn’t it time we learned how to be still and took a moment to realise there’s more to life.   Anthony LAMB

About the artwork

In recent years, Anthony Lamb deliberately focused on two elements: the desert and the ocean. The ideal canvas for expressing his minimalist point of view and showcasing the calming powers of nature, far from the chaos of everyday life. For this series entitled Closed for Summer, the artist captures the coast of the United Arab Emirates, alternating images during lockdown and those of the peak of summer heat, two privileged moments for finding the beach empty and inviting the viewer to indulge in a solitary escape.

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