richard silver

Church San Marcello Rome Italy

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This series of photographs, vertical churches, is a technique that I came up with and actually nobody else in the industry shoots in this way. I have mastered a way of showcasing churches and cathedrals to see all of the interior beauty of the buildings. RICHARD SILVER

About the artwork

Richard Silver has developed a unique technique for photographing churches: each photograph is a montage created from about a dozen photos. “The hardest part is finding the right position in the central aisle,” he explains, “then photographing vertically from the centre towards the exterior, down to the last pew. In the end, you obtain a perspective that is only possible with this kind of architecture!” Here, the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière in Lyon (France), the San Marcello Church in Rome, and San Giacomo Maggiore in Bologna (Italy).

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