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498 Photographs Nature

Photographs of landscapes, fauna, or flora can inspire spectators but above all allow them to dream.
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Numbered limited editions

All of the photographs are provided with their certificate of authenticity in numbered limited editions.

Nature fascinates us because it is uncontrollable. Photographs of landscapes, fauna, or flora can inspire spectators but above all allow them to dream. Creative and unique, nature is full of surprises, both in its essence and through its diversity. When we are faced with the immensity of mountains, the calm of the sea, or the wild side of an animal, we are able to immerse ourselves within a world, an as yet unknown atmosphere. Nature photography is demanding. It requires considerable preparatory work to obtain the desired result but also a great deal of patience to capture the decisive moment. When we talk about nature photography, wildlife photography is included, where photographers wait for hours to capture the desired instant. Each photographer has his or her own vision. Some, such as Laurent Baheux or Pedro Jarques Krebs, prefer to remain immobile for several hours awaiting wildlife. Others, like Michael Shlegel, prefer to stride across rocky mountain ranges. Some series fall within a more general approach, as is the case for Bernhard Hartmann, who analyses the connection between humans and nature.