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Floral landscapes

67 Photographs Floral landscapes

These photographs would provide the perfect finishing touch to a refined interior decoration, bringing a breath of fresh air from a reinvented nature.
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Results: 67 Artworks

Numbered limited editions

All of the photographs are provided with their certificate of authenticity in numbered limited editions.

Like painters with still lifes, photographers have always captured flowers. In the early days of photography, they arranged bouquets of flowers in vases, placed in various interiors, and then worked with chiaroscuro, contrast, and the addition of light. Gradually, however, this began to be limiting and they needed more. They ventured forth from their studios, becoming interested in the natural landscapes outside. They discovered the sea, mountains, forests, fauna, and a world of flora just waiting to have their portrait taken. How right they were! With the arrival of springtime, they only had to look through the lens to be caught up in the hundreds of colours and variations offered by nature. With this collection of photographs in a numbered, limited edition, YellowKorner gives you the chance to discover nature in all its breathtaking beauty, amplified. Indeed, some artist photographers love to fill their frame with coloured petals. This is the case for the sublime creations of Luis Mariano Gonzáles. He brings a touch of magic and the surreal to his images that superpose flowers in an elegant composition. These photographs would provide the perfect finishing touch to a refined interior decoration, bringing a breath of fresh air from a reinvented nature. Artist Ina Jungmann creates photographs that endeavour to shine a light on the demonstration of truth and reality. She captures huge carpets of wild flowers that run riot over low hills and high mountains. In these landscapes, nature seems to escape from its limits, with flowers in bloom as far as the eye can see. They almost seem to go beyond the edges of the photograph, as if about to reach out and tickle the spectator. Although Marc Adamus portrays reality, he transforms it through careful photographic work into his own personal reality. In his shots of flowering landscapes, his skilful use of light and contrast really showcase the flora. Flowers are bathed in warm tones from a sunset in a mountain setting or shine with an inner light in a woodland scene at dusk. The coming together of the artist’s personal taste with the right moment result in an almost magical photograph that is wonderfully beautiful.