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236 Photographs Vintage

Vintage photography, characterised by its retro look, never goes out of fashion.
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Results: 236 Artworks

Numbered limited editions

All of the photographs are provided with their certificate of authenticity in numbered limited editions.

Vintage photography, characterised by its retro look, never goes out of fashion. Essential to the world of photography, it allows us to travel through time, to rediscover our history by showcasing each detail of the scenes photographed. In black and white or in colour, it immerses us in bygone eras, eliciting a touch of nostalgia. It provides a grain that lends authenticity and character to a photograph. Architecture, landscape, fashion shots, portraits of celebrities or vintage cars… all kinds of themes that will delight collectors of vintage objects. Take a journey through the eyes of our artists and discover the work of Jan Werner, who helps us to relive the concerts of Freddy Mercury or David Bowie. Or explore the series by Rene Staud , whose Porsche or Mercedes collections will suit car lovers to a tee. Images from the international press belonging to the Keystone Agency remind us of the big moments in our history. Go back in time through our vintage photographs and add character to your interior. A large range of photographs is available in numbered limited edition, perfect for embellishing your walls. Choose the era you find the most charming and relive it through our selection of vintage photographs.