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32 Photographs Music

Jazz, rock, classical music, hip-hop or rap, reggae and disco: there are so many types of music that it would be reductive to focus on only one.
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Results: 32 Artworks

Numbered limited editions

All of the photographs are provided with their certificate of authenticity in numbered limited editions.

YellowKorner recounts the historyof music with this numbered, limited edition collection of photographs dedicated to this art form. Discover images by artists who have left a permanent mark on the world of music. But that’s not all – music is above all a universe, or rather hundreds of universes. Jazz, rock, classical music, hip-hop or rap, reggae and disco: there are so many types of music that it would be reductive to focus on only one. From the Beatles to David Bowie, from U2 to Miles Davis, Michael Jackson, and Serge Gainsbourg, these photographs will enable you to decorate your interior according to your musical tastes. A lover of music who has long been immersed in the rock world, Peter Hankfield seems to have magically captured the talent of artists performing on stage. In his images, the musicians seem to have left the physical limits of the stage to instead perform outside of space and time. The interplay of light that is brought to these black and white images reinforces the power and virtuosity of these great singers and musicians. This is an art that is akin to that of photographer Jan Werner . His images of celebrities in the middle of a concert are dazzling in their strength. After looking at them closely, the spectator can almost hear the piano notes, the singing voices, and the guitar chords strummed so precisely. Thanks to its collection of over 15 million photographs covering many subjects, the Keystone Agency has a magnificent selection of images related to music. You can discover a multitude of vintage and colour images of artists caught in the moment. Small moments from life, simple but experienced by the greatest personalities in our modern world. Lovers of musical instruments will be enthralled by shots of pianos, violins, or guitars.