Markus Burke was born in 1978 near Munich, a city in the south of Germany where he now lives and works. He is passionate about photography, which he discovered during his youth through his reading of numerous journals and magazines. He learned photography at the Munich School of Design. He graduated in 2009 and has since dedicated a large part of his activity to fashion portraits and reportages for major international magazines, such as GQ, AD, Playboy, Bloomberg or Zeit Magazine. He also undertakes more personal work with a more sensitive and contemplative approach. The photographic series entitled “Places” was his first chance to travel abroad for a long period, to China, Japan and the United States, but also in his own country, and particularly in northern Germany. Above all, it was the coastline of the Baltic Sea that the artist chose to represent, which are extremely popular in the summertime. As close as possible to reality, Markus Burke’s photographs question the human condition with poetry and polish, as well as the specificities of Baltic beaches  ... See more See less