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Aviation photography is a photographic art that requires patience and imagination.  ... See more See less


Airplane 38 Photographs

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    All of the photographs are provided with their certificate of authenticity in numbered limited editions.

Aviation photography is a very specific discipline of the eighth art. It requires total mastery of lighting, since the subjects are mainly out of doors. Renowned international photographers have turned this practice into a true art form. We can now identify two variants among these photographers. The Japanese photographer Katsuhiko Tokunaga stood out particularly for his so-called ‘air to air’ pictures. They are photographs of airplanes captured mid-flight. This artistic approach requires a meticulous method in terms of movements and an acute sense of reactivity. The photographer captures both the airplane and the sky via the prism of his shutter. This photograph of a plane taking off, or this photograph of a fighter jet, a military engine loaded up and ready for war, traversing the sky in a flash, come from an artistic reflex. The images of planes that emerge from this practice thus reveal incredible realism. A second type of aviation photography, practised by Olivier Lavielle for instance, consists of taking shots of planes on the ground. This approach is more interested in detail and aims to highlight the elegant lines of these impressive machines. The talented artists of YellowKorner convey many emotions through their gaze: strength, resilience, and sensuality. The technological prowess that aircraft represent is revealed through the photographic apparatus, along with their captivating, fascinating power. Aviation photography is a photographic art that requires patience and imagination. Artist Mina Mimbu places airplanes in poetic and dreamlike environments. She combines the innocence of the world of childhood with technological power. Her shots of planes leave a touch of magic in the spectator’s mind… … A practice that is the opposite of that of the renowned photographer Jean Dieuzaide . The official photographer of Sud Aviation, passionate about aviation, he has taken all kinds of risks throughout his career to capture humanity’s most beautiful invention mid-flight, from fighter jets to airliners like the Concord. His images of planes in black and white visually express the power and grandeur of this machine. A symbol of travel and freedom, the airplane is above all an amazing achievement that has been captured from its earliest days by talented photographers. A fine selection of these limited-edition photographs is available for you to explore at YellowKorner.  ... See more See less