Juliette Jourdain is a young French artist based in Paris. After three years of study at a Parisian photography school, she launched her career as an independent. Specialising in the art of portraiture, her portfolio reflects her highly personal and powerful vision of photography, testifying to her great aptitude for staging. In a meticulously arranged studio set, her female models give her their all in whimsical and sophisticated poses. The photographer’s inspirations are numerous (fashion, cinema, painting) but are above all derived from drawing, which she has practised since she was very young. Her work was rewarded in 2015 by second prize at the Picto de la Jeune Photographie de Mode and, in April 2016, by second prize in the Fisheye X Guerlain, in the “La Petite Robe Noire” competition. Selected for Les Nuits photographiques de Pierrevert in July 2016, her photographs were published in January 2016 in the highly respected PHOTO magazine and shown at the Rencontres d\'Arles in 2014 as well as in exhibitions in Paris and Lyon in 2015.  ... Lees verder Less minder

" I do not particularly wish to convey a message, as I create my photos above all for aesthetic ends. Everyone can find their own message in them."