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From his native California to the North Atlantic, Chris Burkard accompanied the protagonists of his photographs into wild and glacial lands. The photographs taken bear witness to surfers' ability to fulfil their passion, even in the most extreme conditions. Patiently observing the complex characteristics of the ocean, low rays, and abrupt cliffs, the artist depicts the humble human condition in the face of the grandeur of nature. The landscapes that he captures were discovered using orienteering maps and are sometimes so remote and far from any civilisation that they give the photographer the impression of being the first to discover them. Chris Burkard appreciates the unpredictable: since his working conditions evolve according to the whims of the weather "wind, tide, sun, and the surfers' performance" he is therefore unable to fully control his images. The waves are an element that cannot be transferred into a studio: all of these challenges increase his excitement, allowing his talent to shine.

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The Artist
Chris Burkard

American Chris Burkard is considered to be one of the most widely recognised surf photographers of his generation. Born on the Central Californian Coast, the ocean truly became his muse. The artistic world of this self-taught photographer born in 1986 presents images that bring out the best in sport and nature. A practical man, he doesn’t only capture the performances of athletes passionate about sea swells, rip curls, and indomitable landscapes. He also seeks to document the way of life, personalities and environment that are attached to this extreme discipline. Besides his contributions to international publications (The New Yorker, National Geographic Adventure), he was the director of photography for the specialised press and notably for Surfer Magazine. He co-wrote a book on this subject and has won numerous distinctions (Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown, World Open of Photography, Follow the Light Foundation) that provided him with a number of occasions to pursue his exploration across the globe.

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