Christopher Hibbert

It is as a student in a hospitality management school that Christopher decided in 2006 to become a professional photographer. Photography has always been his passion. He acquired the knowledge reading forums and tutorials available on the internet. He worked first as a concert photographer. At this time, he started focusing on Light and realized he could control it to add some effects to his photographs. A few months later, the first photograph of the series « Light is Life » was shot : « Rendez-Vous ». The artist presents here five photographs, taken from this series, which are examples of Light Painting. It is a popular technique that is found today, among others, in advertising. Concerts, fashion, portraits, events, sports ect, Christopher is a versatile photographer who can, thanks to his experiences, adapt himself to different shooting conditions. Nikonist born in 1983, he lives in Paris where he keeps working on the “Light is Life” series. He is also working as an event photographer (parties, weddings, concerts) in Ile de

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