Richard Bellia

BJÖRK 1991

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Born in Reykjavik, Björk was raised by her mother in a hippie community. She recorded her first album at the age of 11, with the help of her uncle. Her music is not easily classified as electro-pop, pop-underground, pop-experimental, trip-hop or alternative. She started to become well known on the international scene in the eighties, but it was her album “Début” released in 1992 that earned her fame. Björk’s albums are systematically associated with tours, and although they were created in quick succession, no two are alike, and the artist has continued to evolve her style with each new production. A politically motivated artist, she is interested in all forms of art and in 2000, won Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival for her performance in Dancer in the Dark.

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The Artist
Richard Bellia

It was in October 1980, at a concert by the Cure that Richard Bellia decided to become a rock photographer. In 1985, he moved to London and joined the prestigious Melody Maker, the number one weekly English music magazine. He has since worked for many publications and artists (his photos of Nirvana were reprinted in the 2011 rerelease of Nevermind).

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