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This photograph is from a series called StruXtures, a blend of structures and textures drawn from building façade abstractions. A series of parallels and juxtaposed textures appealed to the photographer here.

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The Artist

Loïc Kervagoret, an engineer by profession, took his first job in the La Défense area of Paris in 1998. He was immediately enthralled by this huge architectural complex where lines, curves and mirrors rub shoulders echoing infinitely. Initially attracted by computer graphics, he aimed to take several photos at his place of work to use them in his creations. Little by little he realised that the graphic design that he was trying to create in his compositions can in fact emerge directly from the photo without any other compositional element. His passion for photography had begun. His photographic approach is based on geometry, whether expressed in its raw state or by introducing a human side. He likes colour as well as black and white, as long as lines or curves can be fully expressed

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