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Migrant mother

Dorothea Lange

Migrant mother - Dorothea Lange

About this photograph : Migrant mother

Taken in 1936 in Nipomo in California, this photograph illustrates the story of a 32 year old widow, Florence Owens Thompson, and her seven children. Having lost everything, they took refuge in a temporary camp, where more than 2,500 workers taking refuge had settled, known at the time as, ‘migrant workers.’ According to certain studies, this woman was not originally a pea-picker, but a farmer fleeing the Dust Bowl.
An icon from the Depression, this photograph is known worldwide. With her Virgin Mary look, this mother is searching for a solution and a miracle. The success of this photo is in this both pensive and empty look of a mother who somehow or other protects her children, contemplating a future with no hope. A photograph taken with a large format (4x5) Grafflex camera. It belongs to the FSA (Farm Security Administration).

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