Florian Müller

Essence 54

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Beyond illustration, the Essence series returns to the artist?s favourite idea, being aware that the only invariable in this world is the certitude that nothing is constant. With the great freedom, nearing lyrical abstraction, enabled by visual language, Florian Muller distances himself from the real and transforms the landscape. The spectator is not asked to question what he sees but to question what he feels. These are photographic poems resulting from direct expression and which conjure up a personal emotional response. The artist doesn?t flaunt his savoir faire but proposes his ability to see. To portray the theme of the permanence of movement, the photographer takes up the codes of Op Art and creates vibrant images. He superimposes strongly contrasting coloured layers. The human eye is unable to adapt and the juxtaposition of these colours creates a slight retinal vibration which gives the illusion of movement.

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De artiest
Florian Müller

Florian Muller, geboren in 1974, is een Duitse journalist en fotograaf woonachtig in Keulen. Hij begint met het fotograferen op 12-jarige leeftijd en is sindsdien niet meer gestopt. Hij voedt zijn artistiek vermogen tijdens wandelingen en observeert de wereld via de lens van zijn camera. Florian Muller werkt in series: hij onderzoekt en ontleedt het terugkerende thema van de duurzaamheid in Beweging.

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