Franck Bohbot

Wonder Wheel By Night Coney Island NY

À propos de cette photographie

These photographs come from the Light On series that Franck Bohbot produced between 2013 and 2014 in New York. The artist captured the lights and colours that illuminate the nocturnal cityscape thanks to the lighting from the myriad storefronts of grocery stores, restaurants, apartment buildings, or fair grounds. While they conserve their activity, the latter become gradually devoid of people as the night goes on, thus giving way to a "second life", a calmer and more laidback one. Like the photographs of Robert Frank, particularly those of Detroit and New York, Franck Bohbot succeeds in revealing another side to America, through urban scenes and portraits of Americans taken in the course of their daily life. His various views, each taken with a long exposure time, give a highly contrasted and dynamic effect to the compositions, which highlight the various kinds of architecture he encounters. They also confer a deliberately cinematographic character to his shots, bearing witness to the photographer's fascination for architecture and its importance in films.



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Franck Bohbot

Né à Tlemcen, en Algérie, Jean-Luc Scotto devient photographe en 1979. Il travaille ensuite dans différents domaines, comme la publicité, où il est chargé des campagnes Rochas, Paco Rabanne, Le Printemps, La Samaritaine et Chevignon. Du côté de la presse, il est publié dans Elle, Marie-Claire et Vogue. Puis il collabore avec l’édition où il est réputé pour son travail sur la décoration et les arts de la table.

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