Sapna Reddy?s landscape photographs seem to have sprung directly from her imagination, given the surprising natural worlds they present, with their spectacular and fantastical dimensions. Nature is gradually crystallised before her lens, encompassing dazzling panoramas that excite our emotions. The photographer thus hopes to convey the beauty of the landscapes of American national parks and affirms her desire to form spiritual connections with the nature she explores. Hope was taken in 2014 in the Redwood national forest in California. The rays of sunshine cut a path through the thick fog that embalms the landscape and outline the silhouettes of huge sequoias. According to the photographer: ?Walking among these trees that are hundreds of years old is truly a mystical experience.?

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Living in San Francisco, California, Sapna Reddy has two parallel careers, as a doctor and as a photographer. As a radiologist, every day she analyses images with the goal of establishing a diagnosis and curing her patients. As a photographer, she aspires to create images that celebrate the tremendous beauty of nature, with all of its quirks and magic. This evolution between two separate fields is achieved through the artist?s passion for teaching. As she enjoys sharing her creativity, she organises workshops in American national parks. Sapna Reddy?s work has won a number of distinctions and has also been published in various international magazines and travel guides (Lonely Planet). Her photographs have also been used by the brands Google, Hitachi, Gap, and Yahoo. They also enable her to transform the pallid walls of Californian hospitals and medical centres, with the aim of immersing the public in nature and helping them to appreciate the miracles of the world.

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