Rüdiger J. Vogel

Rüdiger J.Vogel was born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1975. He discovered his passion for photography early, during his youth. He successfully graduated from an apprenticeshipin photography, at a professional advertising photo and post production studio inStuttgart, following on naturally from this passion. Since 2001 he has worked as afreelance photographer within the domains of fashion, architecture, industrial andlandscape. His portfolio shows melancholic, often surreal landscapes in nature, as well as in the town. Rüdiger J.Vogel travels all over the world to capture these special photographic moments. Shanghai, Paris, Cape Town, San Francisco and New York arejust a few destinations that his career has taken him to. Despite his many projects abroad, he never loses sight of his local environment. Straight, clear and free of pomp, his pictures inspire the beholder?s primary instinct for the desire for serenity. Another area of his work can be seen in his emotive photographs of characters for world-wide campaigns. Regardless of whether produced in a studio or under extreme conditions such as the hot desert sun of Arizona, Rüdiger J.Vogel's style of photography captures the very essence of the various cultures and emotions of the people that he observes.

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