Isi Véléris

Isi Veleris was born in Brussels on 25 December 1933 to a Russian Ashkenazi family.At the end of World War II, he left for New York and became a US citizen.In 1960, he frequented the 'Kansas City' bar where many artists rubbed shoulders, most of whom became big names, such as Andy Warhol, Dali, Richard Avedon, Jimi Hendrix, Guy Bourdin and many others.Isi Veleris acquired his first studio in 1968. He became a fashion photographer and worked for American luxury magazines.He received three photography awards: Annual Art Director Show, Pub Danskin and American Graphic Society, Prize for the best album cover of the year for a John Cale record.In 1970, he left New York and moved to Paris, where he worked in fashion, music, theatre, cinema and opera. He also covered cultural events and festivals.Today, Isi Veleris travels and exhibits his photos

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