Francis Wolff

Francis Wolff, born in Berlin in 1907, is the co-founder and official photographer of one of the most prestigious jazz labels, Blue Note Records. Wolff is of Jewish origins and fled Germany at the start of World War II to join his childhood friend Alfred Lion in New York: the ?source of jazz?. Connected by bonds of friendship for life through their love of Afro-American music, they created Blue Note Records in 1939, with a profession of faith for ?providing the purest expressions of hot jazz or swing.? A photographer by trade and by passion, Francis Wolff managed to put his art in service to music, by constituting for over two decades an extraordinary archive of jazz photographs taken in the course of numerous recording sessions on the New York label. He is the author of a considerable number of portraits of legendary musicians, who, like Dexter Gordon, Herbie Hancock, or Miles Davis, were discovered by the famous record company. His black and white photographs, mostly reproduced on vinyl record covers, largely contributed to the aesthetic and success of the Blue Note label, which he worked for until his death in 1971.

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