Eric Valli

Born in Dijon in 1952, Eric Valli is a photographer, filmmaker and writer. He discovered his passion for adventure and the great outdoors during his first trip to the Middle East when he was only 17. Since then, he has continued to travel the world, developing a particular fondness for the Himalayas, where he spent many years living among the local people and learning their language. His photography began as a way for him to bring home his memories, but has gradually become an indispensable tool for expression and sharing. Eric Valli is now one of the greatest photographers of the Himalayas and a regular contributor to Geo and National Geographic. He is the author of Honey Hunters and Hunters of darkness,, books that have earned him an international reputation. He has also directed several films, including Himalaya, l’enfance d’un chef in 1997, which sold more than three million tickets in France.

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