Denis Olivier

Denis Olivier was born in the Royan region of France in 1969. He now lives in Bordeaux. Immersed in the world of art from an early age thanks to artist parents, he enrolled in the école de Beaux-Arts in Poitiers after taking a science degree and discovered a new mode of expression in computer graphics, programming and computer-generated images. Alain Fleig introduced him to art photography and Philippe Salaün, Robert Doisneau's developer, to technique. In 1995 he began a career in architecture, graphic arts and art direction, before returning in 2005 to photography. Digital photography opened new horizons, allowing him to work more quickly and give free rein to his experiences and imagination. After several publications and exhibitions in Europe, he is now concentrating on a number of projects and particularly the online artist community Art Limited, of which he is the founder.

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