Benoît Lapray

Born in Burgundy in 1980, Benoît Lapray travelled at a very young age, accompanying his humanitarian doctor father. A true love of landscape grew out of their excursions. After studying art in Lyon, his career truly started in 2006, when he joined an advertising studio near Annecy in the Haute-Savoie region, which he considers to be a wonderful "photographic playground". From 2010 onwards, he started to produce his own work, inspired by the sublime backdrop of mountains all around him. The series "The Quest for the Absolute", staging superheroes from American comics within grandiose landscapes, testifies to this period. Benoît Lapray now lives and works in Paris as an independent photographer and retoucher. His images were awarded the "UPC Découverte" prize in 2007 and they have been exhibited on several occasions, notably at La Maison des Photographes in Paris in 2008, the Hero Festival in Marseille and the Paris Comics Expo in 2014.

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