Anatol de Cap Rouge

A character that is both enigmatic and captivating, Anatol de Cap Rouge is a photographer of French-Romanian origins, who was born in 1969 and grew up all over the world, following his parents' nomadic rhythm. Confronted from childhood with frequent environmental changes, he deliberately forged a parallel world on the verges of his imagination. A world that provided ample room for dreams, fantasies, and extravagant fancies. Through photography, he escapes into colourful worlds free from rules and the familial demands of the day. I understood the importance of distancing myself as far as possible from the world at the age of eight. Art thus became a vocation and ideal instrument for realising his artistic fantasies and sharing them with the widest possible audience. His first series Dream Worlds has enjoyed international renown. Anatol de Cap Rouge is also working on the publication of a book and on a film project.

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