Ali Erturk

Born in 1980 in Karasu, Turkey, Ali Erturk now works in Munich as a neuroscientist. My interest in photography developed with my keen interest in visualizing brain cells, he explains. Since 2007, he's had a passion for photography. A specialist in the microscopic imaging of neuronal cells, he views this medium as an exploration of the planet, but on a large scale, without disassociating himself from his real profession and it's with the same attention that he observes the world around him. Capturing landscapes or architectural monuments, he reveals their transitory and ephemeral nature, subject to the weather conditions. With over 60,000 subscribers on Facebook, Ali Ertürk's images speak for themselves. They have already been published (The Times, Daily Mail and National Geographic) and exhibited on several occasions, notably in Munich in 2008 and San Francisco in 2012.

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