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In the early fifties Jack Nisberg was sharing a photographic studio with his friend Howard Zieff, mostly working on commercial contracts with department stores like Macy?s or Revlon. Nisberg soon found he needed more creativity and decided to work freely in the city meeting personalities of the Jazz scene and also doing street scenes. This series of photographs shows a glimpse of the trendy areas of New York with its booming post-war activity.

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The Artist
Jack Nisberg

Jack Nisberg was born in Chicago in 192 and studied at the prestigious Art Center (CA). He set up an advertising shooting studio in New York in 1950 and became passionate about reporting, which allowed him to meet wonderful people. He later worked in Paris, mainly for the English-speaking press. Finally, he worked almost exclusively for Vogue in the last ten years of his life, while enjoying evenings with the European jet set.

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