Ghislain Dussart

Les marguerites II

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The photographer?s models notably included Anna Karina, Catherine Deneuve or even Elsa Martinelli, but the lens of his Nikon had a preference for ?BB?, laughing or sad in turn, playful or deep when he photographed her in or out of the studio, or in her daily life. Posing with total confidence and abandon, Bardot enjoyed presenting herself as both unique and multifaceted. Adorned with stylish accessories in artistic stagings, her beauty is triumphant: these photographs highlight the extraordinary presence, aura and grace of the former dancer. The famous image revealing her half-naked with crossed legs, wearing only black stockings, was distributed widely by the press. She has also inspired other actresses since, such as Elle Macpherson or Monica Bellucci, who had themselves photographed in identical poses.

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Ghislain Dussart

Ghislain Dussart (1928-1996), also known by the name of Jicky Dussart, initially trained in painting at the École des Beaux-Arts de Paris and discovered photography during a holiday to Jamaica in 1962. From then on, he developed this practice and specialised in fashion photography. He was Brigitte Bardot's official photographer for over ten years, but also her friend and most loyal confidant. He collaborated with international magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Life Magazine or Playboy as well as with directors such as Jean-Luc Godard (Le Mépris) or Louis Malle (Viva Maria!). More than any other, the many shots taken by the photographer largely contributed to the dissemination of the Bardot myth, of which he was one of the most important witnesses. In 1966, Paris Match thus presented its double page at the MoMA in New York, as part of the “50 Best Photographic Covers in the World”.

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