Dang Ngo

Monks in Waterfalls

About this photograph

"Pongua Falls also known as the 7 layers waterfall is such a beautiful, peaceful place that one day I came back for a third visit even though it was cold and raining. People often go there to walk and play in the falls so I thought I could get some nice photos. Then I saw the monks coming and rushed to a nice vantage on a rock outcropping where I clicked away as the monks chanted for a quick moment". DN



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The artist

Dang Ngo

The son of Vietnamese refugees himself, Dang Ngo has often returned to explore his roots and document the remarkable changes in this once war torn country as it rebuilds itself from the depths of war and suffering. Relatedly, Dang has been assisting Burmese refugees for over a decade and is best known for his photography work along the Thai-Burmese border. His photo essays from that story appear in two books: Topography of War, published by the Asian American Writer's Workshop, and Personal Accounts of Survival, Resistance and Military Rule in Burma. He's also a regular contract photographer for Greenpeace, documenting the environmental organization's fight against global warming and the logging & whaling industries in the western U.S, Sarawak, Malaysia, and the Caribbean. Dang has won the MSNBC Editor's Choice & Reader's Choice award in their 2005 Year in Pictures. He also received Honorable Mention in the American Photo 2007 Images of the Year.

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