François Fontaine

Born in 1968, Fran?ois Fontaine lives and works in Paris. His passion for travel and photography started at an early age and has taken him to Southeast Asia, Spain, Brazil, China, Japan and India. Since 1991, his career has grown steadily, through numerous appearances in the press as well as many exhibitions in galleries and museums, in France and abroad. His favourite themes being the eternal, the unreal and the supernatural, Fran?ois Fontaine has allowed his feelings and intuitions to guide his photographic work. His inspiration comes mainly from his encounters and his long-distance trips, as well as the literature and cinema that has fascinated him since childhood. His work has been rewarded in France and François Fontaine was a finalist for the Prix Kodak de la Critique Photographique in 1997, the Prix CCF in 2005 and the Prix Leica Oscar Barnack in 2006.

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