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This 40 year old photographer is an architect by profession. There are signs of this in his work as it is first of all a reflection on contemporary cities and more specifically aboutthe proliferation of modern urban space. Laurent Dequick’s purpose is to accurately convey an impression of frenzy which results from a density of population and activity in urban areas: « Along the streets, the lights, the noise, the traffic, the swarms of pedestrians, the blend of smells, are so fascinating that no single shot can entirely capture it. Do choices have to be made? I don’t think so: I don’t want to… »To translate this urban life congestion into an image, the photographer does not shy away from the juxtaposition, superposition or inlaying of shots. With the same intensity he overlaps photographs representing architectural complexes, main traffic routes and people. He condenses the images like the city condenses the sum of its inhabitants’ lives. Dequick’s style is reminiscent of cubism in its execution close to abstraction andin his representation of permanent movement.
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Photo CANS COMPRESSION - Laurent Dequick
Photo HIGH DENSITY II - Laurent Dequick
Photo PARIS BEAUBOURG - FACE À FACE - Laurent Dequick
Photo HIGH DENSITY - Laurent Dequick
Photo Pont du Mont Blanc - Laurent Dequick
Photo JARDIN OUBLIE II - Bernhard Hartmann
Bernhard Hartmann wurde 1954 in Frankfurt geboren und begann im Alter von 14 Jahren als Fotograf für eine große deutsche Zeitung zu arbeiten. Nach Abschluss seines Kunststudiums wandte er sich der Landschaftsfotografie zu. Er schafft dramatische und bewegende Bilder, die häufig mit den romantischen Kunstwerken Caspar David Friedrichs verglichen werden. Besonders gerne fotografiert Bernhard Hartmann Orte, an denen Kunst betrieben und zum Ausdruck gebracht wird. So schuf er Fotoserien von Opernhäusern, Theatern oder aber Landhäusern in Europa.
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Photo JARDIN OUBLIE II - Bernhard Hartmann
Photo JARDIN OUBLIE III - Bernhard Hartmann
Photo LA CUCINA I - Bernhard Hartmann
Photo La cucina - Bernhard Hartmann
Photo NYC Radio City Sign Manhattan - Bernhard Hartmann
Photo Jump - Maria Svarbova
Maria Svarbova was born in 1988; she currently lives in Slovakia. Despite studying restoration and archeology, her preferred artistic medium is photography. From 2010 to the present, the immediacy of Maria’s photographic instinct continues to garner international acclaim and is setting new precedents in photographic expression. The recipient of several prestigious awards, her solo and group exhibitions have placed her among the vanguard of her contemporaries, attracting features in Vogue, Forbes, The Guardian, and publications around the world; her work is frequently in the limelight of social media. Maria’s reputation also earned her a commission for a billboard-sized promotion on the massive Taipei 101 tower, in Taiwan. Maria’s distinctive style departs from traditional portraiture and focuses on experimentation with space, colour, and atmosphere. Taking an interest in Socialist era architecture and public spaces, Maria transforms each scene with a modern freshness that highlights the depth and range of her creative palette. The human body throughout her oeuvre is more or less a peripheral afterthought, often portrayed as aloof and demure rather than substantive. Carefully composed figures create thematic, dream-like scenes with ordinary objects. Her images hold a silent tension that hint at emergent possibilities under the lilt of clean and smooth surfaces. There is often a sense of cool detachment and liminality in Maria’s work. Routine actions such as exercise, doctor appointments, and domestic tasks are reframed with a visual purity that is soothing and symmetrical and at times reverberant with an ethereal stillness. The overall effect evokes a contemplative silence in an extended moment of promise and awareness—a quality difficult to achieve in the rapid pace of modern life. Maria’s postmodern vision boldly articulates a dialog that compels the viewer to respond to the mystery, loneliness, and isolation of the human experience. Nevertheless, deeply embedded within the aqueous pastels, Maria’s compositions hold to a celebratory elegance that transforms the viewer’s gaze into an enduring reverence for life’s simple beauty.
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Photo Jump - Maria Svarbova
Photo Pool only for swimmers - Maria Svarbova
Photo Jumping forbidden - Maria Svarbova
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Photo LIFE WHELL - Maria Svarbova