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Photo Lounging In Verbier - Slim Aarons
American photographer from Manhattan, New York. Born George Allen Aarons in 1916 and died in 2006. Became a photographer at 18 years of age for the American Army during World War II. After the war, he wanted to be: photographing attractive people, who were doing attractive things in attractive places.
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Photo Lounging In Verbier - Slim Aarons
Photo BUZIOS - Slim Aarons
Photo NIRVANA - Slim Aarons
Photo Arturo Pani's villa - Slim Aarons
Photo EL VENERO - Slim Aarons
Photo HIGH DENSITY - Laurent Dequick
This 40 year old photographer is an architect by profession. There are signs of this in his work as it is first of all a reflection on contemporary cities and more specifically aboutthe proliferation of modern urban space. Laurent Dequick’s purpose is to accurately convey an impression of frenzy which results from a density of population and activity in urban areas: « Along the streets, the lights, the noise, the traffic, the swarms of pedestrians, the blend of smells, are so fascinating that no single shot can entirely capture it. Do choices have to be made? I don’t think so: I don’t want to… »To translate this urban life congestion into an image, the photographer does not shy away from the juxtaposition, superposition or inlaying of shots. With the same intensity he overlaps photographs representing architectural complexes, main traffic routes and people. He condenses the images like the city condenses the sum of its inhabitants’ lives. Dequick’s style is reminiscent of cubism in its execution close to abstraction andin his representation of permanent movement.
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Photo HIGH DENSITY - Laurent Dequick
Photo PARIS BEAUBOURG - FACE À FACE - Laurent Dequick
Photo Ge Pâquis nocturne - Laurent Dequick
Photo Paris Etoile I - Laurent Dequick
Photo Bacino San Marco - Laurent Dequick
Photo Sydney Blue Hour Skyline - Laurent Dequick
Photo LA CUCINA I - Bernhard Hartmann
Born in Frankfurt in 1955, Bernhard Hartmann began his artistic career at the age of 18 as a press photographer for a German newspaper. Self-taught, he studied art and became a landscape photographer after discovering this medium with the aid of his parents? Polaroid. He creates dramatic and cinemascopic images that are often compared to the Romantic paintings of Caspar David Friedrich, but also to the dramatic natural scenes by English painter William Turner. He prefers to photograph places where the arts are practised and expressed and thus presents series on operas, theatres, or European manors. A lawyer in Munich, Bernard Hartmann now lives near Lake Starnberg in the Bavarian Alps. His works belong to numerous private collections and have been shown in the United States, Spain, Italy, and Germany. He was elected ?Photographer of the Year? by a Swiss magazine and won the ?American Black-and-White Photo Awards? as well as the ?Panoramic Epson Award?.
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Photo LA CUCINA I - Bernhard Hartmann
Photo La cucina - Bernhard Hartmann
Photo Teatro la Fenice Stage - Bernhard Hartmann
Photo NYC Gantry State Park - Bernhard Hartmann
Photo LA GUARIDA II - Bernhard Hartmann
Photo Teatro la Fenice Venezia - Bernhard Hartmann
Photo Jump - Maria Svarbova
Working under the pseudonym of Aria Baró, Mária Svarbová is a young Slovakian photographer born in 1988. She originally studied the preservation and restoration of artworks, and archaeology, in her native country, before devoting most of her time to photography in 2010. It is this major interest in the fine arts that has given her the freedom to juxtapose a number of aesthetic fields and to devise photographs full of dreamlike and surrealist qualities. The photographer began by producing portraits capturing the expressions of her models, characterised by a sense of endless nostalgia. As for her current work, it satirizes our modern world in the manner of stark paintings in which characters are frozen in inexpressive postures. Mária Svarbová's portfolio never fails to fascinate, and she has garnered prestigious collaborations with international fashion or photography publications (Vogue, DOHDO, FotoVideo) and numerous distinctions, including the gold medal for excellence at the Austrian photography fair, the Trierenberg Super Circuit.
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Photo Jump - Maria Svarbova
Photo NO DIVING ! - Maria Svarbova
Photo TWO SWIMMERS - Maria Svarbova
Photo SWIM - Maria Svarbova
Photo Before jump - Maria Svarbova
Photo Pool only for swimmers - Maria Svarbova