David Hamilton

United Kingdom

David Hamilton, the famous photographer, has always had a heightened awareness of what photography owes to painting: its aestheticism and its processes. An admirer of beauty in all its forms, it is logical that his work remains in the field of pictorial art. For David Hamilton, who cites the painters Balthus, Cranach and pictorialist Robert Demachy as references, the aesthetic aspects of photography are more important than technique. This preference for art is the key to understanding his work. Since the start of 1970s, for connoisseurs, what was known as the "Hamiltonian style" aroused the same emotion as a painted canvas. Since creating involves no more than receiving, completing and communicating, it came naturally to the photographer to merge and combine the arts. He thus cites the landscapes of Gustave Le Gray or the nudes of Robert Demachy as often as the still lifes of Morandi or Degas' dancers.

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